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An Enduring Choice - Platinum's Color Never Fades -- Dedicated Email

Title: Vera Wang | XO, Vera | An Enduring Choice- Platinum's Color Never Fades -- Dedicated Email
[ December 08, 2011 ]
An Enduring Choice- Platinum's Color Never Fades

"A platinum engagement ring will stand the test of time and reflect the strength and commitment of your relationship." - Vera Wang

Platinum Diamond Sapphire Engagement Ring

Photo Credit: Platinum engagement ring featuring a hexagon diamond halo and two pear-shaped blue sapphire side stones by Timeless Designs.

Congratulations! You've just made one of life's most important decisions. You've chosen to spend the rest of your life with somebody special. Their style complements you perfectly and you love the way they make you feel. You know that although life's changes and challenges may leave nicks and dents, the strength and integrity of your relationship will weather what life can dish up. Now you're set to make another of life's most important decisions, your wedding band! As a symbol of enduring love and commitment, your wedding bands should reflect those same virtues.

Platinum diamond engagement ring and wedding band

Photo Credit: Platinum Platinum petite bezel emerald cut engagement ring and matching wedding band by JamesAllen.com

Be sure your symbols of 'I Do', your wedding bands, are also carefully chosen. Platinum, naturally white, will not fade with everyday wear, so your wedding rings will look just as beautiful on your 50th anniversary as they did on your wedding day.

View platinum engagement rings and wedding bands starting at $1,500 at preciousplatinum.com/designgallery.

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