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Your WiFi METEOR account

Hello, Kristina Potupchik !

Your WiFi METEOR account has been successfully
recorded and you have been connected automatically
to the wireless high speed Internet.
This account will be valid for all your journeys
in every all seasons hotels and during a one year
period starting its creating day.

We are confirming you the ID and the password of
your WiFi METEOR account.
They are strictly reserved for personal use. Keep
it safe as it will allow you get connected as soon
as you wish.
If you lost it, you have the possibility to get it
again from the WiFi all seasons homepage.

Your ID: [email protected]

Your password: 123456

Enter your ID and password on the portal’s
connection block, then read and accept the General
Terms of Use.
If the access page does not appear automatically,
type the following Internet address into your

To disconnect, click on the DISCONNECTION button
on the status page.
If the page has been closed, type the following
Internet address into your browser:

For any other question, please contact the WiFi
METEOR hotline by e-mail or phone on 0811 METEOR
(price of a local call from a fixed line)

Информация предоставлена сайтом potupchik.com.