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фраза террориста про наших

Organisational work in Phase 1 (2009-2030)
We must spend the next 20 years wisely and continue our work on creating a pan
European conservative consolidation, a new conservative political ideology (a political
ideal) which has the potential to appeal to a MINIMUM of 20-35% of Western Europeans,
including the bulk of our youth. The creation of cultural conservative student
organisations in Universities all over Europe must be a priority.
In order to do this we have to agree on a consensus for creating a modern, “un-tainted”,
cultural conservative, patriotic youth movement which will prevent our youths from
joining NS or WN movements. This movement should be somewhat like the equivalent of
Russias Nashi movement (Putins youth movement - 120,000 members aged between 17
and 25). They are anti fascist/anti Nazi, but still patriotic conservatives.
Our goal in phase 1 is to take the current “anti-Jihad movements” to a second level,
approach, cooperate with and/or merge with Christian movements and other cultural
conservative movements (who agree on a set point of principles).
In order for us to do this we have to agree on a given set of principles and be
accommodating when approaching other conservative movements.

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